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LED R SMART offers the best LED Lighting for your
commercial, industrial and residential business.
Why LED AMP Energy

Provides the quality technology (LED and Solar) that are the most energy and cost effective solutions.
Based on Experience delivers real options and viable solutions.
Create applications with major manufacturers for specific industries including: illuminating building long cityscape signs, airports, hotels, shopping centers, office buildings, apartment buildings, and other commercial applications.
This allows for depth of experience with Quality Manufacturers since 2005.
Present viable options for financing the cost and utilizing available Federal, State and Energy Company Incentives based on location and credit.
Enables minimal capital investment and increase in Net Operating Income and cash flow.
Ability to provide a variety of LED products and combined them with Solar applications when economically advantageous.
Utilized in instances where Investment Tax Credits can enhance over-all return over a 5 to 10-year period.
LED AMP Energy has clients from real estate portfolio owners to individual entrepreneurs. The following are recent examples.
Individual gas stations and restaurants are able to realize $12,000+per year in increased cash flow. Larger facilities like a 40,000 SF Office Building can realize an increased cash flow of over $1 per square foot. The above is without assistance of either financing or incentives.
We invite inquiries. If there are any questions we will review the existing lighting and offer possible solutions that will allow for efficient lighting and greater Net Operating Income.  
Batten light Linear light  
IP40,95-100lm/w   Ra>80  
with 3 years warranty.
MOQ>500Pcs    20w     0.6m      30w     0.9m   
40w     1.2m       60w     1.5m       80w     1.8m